Get started in Numbers
Undo and redo changes, Customize your app, Organize a spreadsheet with sheets, Replace template placeholders, Create or open a spreadsheet, Numbers at a glance.

Add and edit tables
Filter data, Sort data in a table, Move, resize, and lock a table, Save a table as a new style, Change the look of table text, Change the look of a table, Add conditional highlighting to cells, Add a comment to a cell, Merge and unmerge cells, Add controls to cells.

Enter formulas and functions
String operators and wildcard characters, Types of arguments and values, Calculations.

Add and edit charts
Save a chart as a new style, Change the look of a chart, Change a chart’s type, Adjust a chart’s markings and labels, Modify chart data, Move, resize, and rotate a chart, Interactive charts, Scatter charts and bubble charts, Add or delete a chart.

Add images, shapes, and media
Layer, group, and lock objects, Align and position objects, Resize, rotate, and flip an object, Create object styles, Change the look of an object, Add video and audio, Add and edit shapes, Add and edit images, Objects overview.

Add, edit, and format text
Format Chinese, Japanese, or Korean text, Use paragraph styles, Format punctuation, Create bulleted and numbered lists, Add comments and highlight text, Replace text automatically, Find and replace text, Check spelling, Add color or a border to a text box, Adjust character spacing and formatting.

Manage spreadsheets
Move a spreadsheet to or from iCloud, Delete a spreadsheet, Add custom templates, Protect a spreadsheet with a password, Lock a spreadsheet, Save a spreadsheet in another format, Save and rename a spreadsheet.

Share and print
Transfer files using iTunes, Print a spreadsheet, Send a copy of a spreadsheet, Share and edit a spreadsheet on iCloud, Use iCloud with Numbers.

Keyboard shortcuts