Change the look of table text

You can change the appearance of the text for the entire table or just for specific table cells.

Change the appearance of text in tables

  1. Do one of the following:

    • Change all the text in a table: Select the table.

    • Change the text in specific cells: Select the cells with the text you want to change.

  2. In the Text pane of the Format inspector, choose a style from the pop-up menu at the top of the pane or use the controls in the Font section to make changes.

    Controls for choosing a font style

    For more information about text styles, go to Use paragraph styles.

Note: To apply a character style, select the text you want to change. You can’t change the character style if the entire table is selected.

You can quickly change the text capitalization or add color behind text. For more information, see Change the look of text.

Change the table font size

You can increase or decrease the font size proportionally for all text in the table. If you make the text larger or smaller, all text increases or decreases by the same percentage.

  1. Click the table.

  2. In the Table pane of the Format inspector, click the Table Font Size buttons.

Text resizes immediately, so you can see which size works best.

Wrap text in table cells

If a cell isn’t wide enough to display all the text in a cell, you can make the text wrap to the width of the cell so you can see all the text at once.

  1. Do any of the following:

    • Wrap text in a cell: Select the cell.

    • Wrap text for a row or column: Select the row or column.

    • Wrap all text in a table: Select the table.

  2. In the Text pane of the Format inspector select Wrap text in cell.

For information about resizing rows and columns, go to Add and rearrange table rows and columns.

You can also create rules to automatically change a cell’s appearance when the value in the cell meets certain conditions. For more information, go to Add conditional highlighting to cells.