Numbers at a glance

Numbers makes it easy to make beautiful and compelling spreadsheets. Start with one of the templates, then modify it however you like. Each template comes with predesigned styles—coordinated sets of colors, borders, effects, and so on—for objects like tables, charts, text, shapes, and more.

When you select an object, you see controls for changing its appearance in the Format inspector. It shows only the controls you need for the selected object.

Numbers with the Table pane of the Format inspector open

The Format inspector displays six styles for the selected object; click a style to quickly change the object’s look.

Chart pane of Format inspector

Use the other controls in the Format inspector to customize objects. You can save your changes as a new style, so that it’s always available to you in the Format inspector. You can also save the whole spreadsheet as a new template.

If you want to view your spreadsheet without the Format inspector open, click Format in the toolbar to close it.