Print a spreadsheet

You can print a Numbers spreadsheet using any printer you set up on your Mac. Open System Preferences on your Mac then click Printers & Scanners to set up a printer.

In print preview, you can zoom your spreadsheet, add headers and footers, adjust the content scale, specify page numbers, and more. The formatting you specify–such as margins and page headers—appears on your printed spreadsheet, but not on your working canvas.

Print a spreadsheet

  1. Choose File > Print, then specify print options in the Print Setup pane.

    Use the controls in the Print Setup pane to format your spreadsheet for printing

    By default, Numbers scales your content so that it fits the width of one page. To display content across multiple pages, drag the slider to adjust the scale (this turns off automatic scaling). To turn automatic scaling back on, click Fit. If you import a spreadsheet from Numbers ’09, Fit isn’t on by default.

    Spreadsheets print with page numbers by default. Use the controls in the Page Numbers section to choose if page numbers for the current sheet continue from the previous sheet or if they restart on this sheet. To remove page numbers, click the center of the footer field, then delete the page number.

  2. To edit the header or footer, click the header or footer fields, then type your text. You can change how the text looks in the Text pane. Each sheet in your spreadsheet has its own header and footer.

    To add a smart field to your header or footer, click a header or footer field, then choose Insert > Page Number, Page Count, or Date & Time (from the menu at the top of your computer screen).

  3. Click Print.

    Note: A print dialog appears with options to specify the number of copies, range of pages to print, and more.

To exit Print Preview at any time, click Done to return to your sheet.

To customize how your spreadsheet looks when it’s exported to PDF, specify the print settings, click Print, then click PDF.